High End Spirits – We take it to a higher level

Think about the best in class whisky, rum, gin and cognac, and you know
exactly what we are aiming for.

We want to be the preferred partner in the market for premium and
super premium spirits, and with highly skilled and dedicated employees,
we are convinced we are going in the right direction.

In our portfolio we focus on premium and super premium producers of
matured as well as organic and sustainably produced spirits, and we are
ready to guide you through the world of spirits.

High End Spirits is a part of AMKA GROUP, and that gives us a big
advantage from the beginning, because AMKA GROUP takes care of all
the back-end functions including warehouse and logistics. That makes it
possible for us to keep our costs low and to focus on what really matters:
The customers and our producing partners.

What we can offer in short:

  • The best in class spirits
  • Matured, organic and sustainably produced spirits
  • The most unique, super premium products on the market
  • Travel retail/duty free
  • Handling of diplomatic sales of spirits to embassies all over the world
  • The absolute best spirits in the investment segment
  • Investment advices

For further info please contact:

Søren Beyer
Managing Director
+45 48 80 28 49